COA is determined to bring its readers the most up to date information on the Ascension of Earth and its effects on human life. The sources of this information are varied. Some information comes from channeling, other newsletters, magazines, and books that are involved in this , those that have had direct, three dimensional experiences, such as appearances of unworldly entities, being taken aboard UFOs, and information that arrives through the grape vine, as it were. Though many of these sources may seem unreliable, information coming to us is given close scrutiny and analysis. Much is rejected. We keep an open mind on everything.

COA is managed and written by three people, Jason Dunlap, Barbara Bane, and Wayne Nicholas. Jason Dunlap is an electronic engineer, with years of "high tech" experience. He is also a certified Firewalk Instructor, a Clinical Hypnotist and voyager in the realms of metaphysics. He is the Editor and primary writer for COA. It is his responsibility to bring you enlightening news and comment in an intelligent and often times, humorous way. Jason brings a skeptical but critical point-of-view to the astounding reality of the Ascension and contact with UFOs. Wayne Nicholas is a long time friend of Jason's, a computer consultant and systems designer. Wayne is our resident Mayan expert and was instrumental in putting together "The Keys of Enoch. He writes about the Mayan calendar, Mayan culture and science. Because he was also instrumental in interpreting information contained in "The Keys of Enoch" he touches on that subject from time to time. Barbara Bane has a background in banking and finance and manages much of the day to day business of publishing, record keeping, as well as, writes about Angels and what is happening at new Light Centers around the world. Besides being Jason's wife, she is Jason's balance in all that is happening and his primary counselor when it comes to COA 's agenda.

Since its beginning Jan.1, 1995 COA has shown an unnatural growth that leads us to believe we are guided by "spirit" to take leadership role in things to come. This in no way inspires us to create a following or to put us in some authoritative position (unless God comes and asks us, of course). Originally, we intended to merely pass on information we gathered from others, we, having no particular talent at channeling, or psychic attunement. Things have changed rapidly and all are experiencing spiritual growth, and find our newsletter becoming the news. We are experiencing rapid growth and are now an organization with a mission of taking action. We tell our reader of good books, seminars and products that really work, and we are organizing the thousands of lightworkers around the world into a potent force of change. We are now about "getting involved", taking action, and making a difference. If you are interested in getting involved and like the idea of doing the unusual, challenging mysteries, and getting to the bottom of it all, then you want to get this newsletter on a regular basis. There is only one way to do that. You must contact us, either by email, phone or letter and tell us you want to subscribe.

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